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Send Plesk e-mail to /dev/null or blackhole

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Should you find yourself needing to send e-mail destined for a certain account to a blackhole or to /dev/null, you’ll find very little information from Google. The actual solution is not terribly intuitive, and not well documented:

  • Click Domains
  • Click the domain you want to modify
  • Click Mail

If the account hasn’t been created, click “Add New Mail Name” and create the account as usual. Then simply uncheck the mailbox option near the bottom. This will create a mail account, but any inbound e-mail for the user is thrown out.

If the e-mail account has already been created, but you want to blackhole any future e-mails, just click the Mailbox icon and uncheck the Mailbox checkbox on the next page. Click OK and any future e-mails are thrown out.