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Plesk 8.4.0: Unable to use short names for POP3/IMAP

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If you recently upgraded to Plesk 8.4.0 with short names enabled, you may have found that it’s working with SMTP, but it doesn’t work with POP3 or IMAP. There’s a bug in the Plesk version that prevents the courier configuration from being updated.

To correct the issue, first make sure that Plesk has short names enabled (Server > Mail). Once you’ve confirmed that Plesk thinks it’s enabled, add SHORTNAMES=1 to the following configuration files:

  • /etc/courier-imap/imapd
  • /etc/courier-imap/imapd-ssl
  • /etc/courier-imap/pop3d
  • /etc/courier-imap/pop3d-ssl

Restart courier-imap with /etc/init.d/courier-imap restart and you should be all set.