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Old role, new name: ansible-hardening

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The interest in the openstack-ansible-security role has taken off faster than I expected, and one piece of constant feedback I received was around the name of the role. Some users were unsure if they needed to use the role in an OpenStack cloud or if the OpenStack-Ansible project was required.

The role works everywhere - OpenStack cloud or not. I started a mailing list thread on the topic and we eventually settled on a new name: ansible-hardening! The updated documentation is already available.

The old openstack-ansible-security role is being retired and it will not receive any additional updates. Moving to the new role is easy:

  1. Install ansible-hardening with ansible-galaxy (or git clone)
  2. Change your playbooks to use the ansible-hardening role

There’s no need to change any variable names or tags - they are all kept the same in the new role.

As always, if you have questions or comments about the role, drop by #openstack-ansible on Freenode IRC or open a bug in Launchpad.