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Making things more super with supernova 2.0

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OpenStackLogo supernovaI started supernova a little over three years ago with the idea of making it easier to use novaclient. Three years and a few downloads later, it manages multiple different OpenStack clients, like nova, glance, and trove along with some handy features for users who manage a large number of environments.

What’s new? #

With some help from some friends who are much better at writing Python than I am (thanks Paul, Matt and Jason), I restructured supernova to make it more testable. The big, awkward SuperNova class was dropped and there are fewer circular imports. In addition, I migrated the cli management components to use the click module. It’s now compatible with Python versions 2.6, 2.7, 3.3 and 3.4.

The overall functionality hasn’t changed much, but there’s a new option to specify a custom supernova configuration that sits in a non-standard location or with a filename other than .supernova. Simply use the -c flag:

supernova -c ~/work/.supernova dfw list
supernova -c ~/personal/supernova-config-v1 staging list

The testing is done with Travis-CI and code coverage is checked with Codecov. Pull requests will automatically be checked with unit tests and I’ll do my best to urge committers to keep test coverage at 100%.

Updating supernova #

Version 2.0.0 is already in PyPi, so an upgrade using pip is quite easy:

pip install -U supernova