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Hierarchy of DevOps Needs from DevOps Weekly

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I’ve made posts about the DevOps Weekly mailing list before. If you haven’t signed up yet, do so now. You’ll thank me later.

Aaron Suggs’ Hierarchy of DevOps Needs gives a great summary of the building blocks of a solid development culture and how they relate to one another. I laughed a bit when I saw his pyramid because I’ve seen many development groups build the pyramid upside down in the past.

At the core of DevOps is that everyone owns the result. Developers, operations folks, product managers, and leaders are all responsible for the success or failure of a development project. If the developers are happy and writing code that keeps the operations engineers up all night, that’s not DevOps. On the other hand, if the operations team is slowing down deployments or building inconsistent environments, then they’re not taking ownership of the results.