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Gearing up for FUDCon 2011

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FUDCon 2011 in Tempe hasn’t even fully started yet, but it’s been well worth the trip already. We put quite a few names with faces (or IRC nicks with faces) and discussed our initial forays into Linux when we were young.

From what I was told last night, this is the first conference organized by folks not already working for Red Hat (even though some of them were hired on after planning was underway) and presentations are done in BarCamp format. This morning kicks off with the BarCamp pitches themselves and they are supposed to last only 20 seconds each. I’m new to this format of conferences but I’m eager to see how it works.

Quite a few people on Twitter have asked me if I could toss some summaries of some of the talks onto the blog. I will certainly try my best to do so!

Here’s a sampling of the photos I’ve taken so far: