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Backing up MySQL to Amazon’s S3

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I received an e-mail from Tim Linden about a post he made in his blog about backing up MySQL data to Amazon’s S3.

The article goes over installing the Net::Amazon::S3 Perl module via WHM (which is handy for the cPanel users). However, if you’re not a cPanel user, you can install it via CPAN:

# perl -MCPAN -e 'install Net::Amazon::S3'

If you’d rather install it through Webmin, go to the ‘Others’ section, and click ‘Perl Modules’.

Also, Tim mentions configuring a Firefox extension for accessing S3 that works very well. However, I find myself using Safari most often, so I prefer to use Jungle Disk or Transmit on my Mac.

Overall, it’s a great post, and I’m glad Tim told me about it!