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Automatically upgrading to new point releases of Scientific Linux

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When you install Scientific Linux, it will keep you on the same point release that you installed. For example, if you install it from a 6.0 DVD, you’ll stay on 6.0 and get security releases for that point release only.

Getting it to behave like Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS is a painless process. Just install the sl6x repository with yum:

yum install yum-conf-sl6x

Check to ensure that you’re getting updates from the new repository:

# yum repolist
repo id            repo name                                              status
sl                 Scientific Linux 6.1 - x86_64                          6,251
sl-security        Scientific Linux 6.1 - x86_64 - security updates         548
sl6x               Scientific Linux 6x - x86_64                           6,251
sl6x-security      Scientific Linux 6x - x86_64 - security updates          548
repolist: 13,598