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Adventures with the mastodon herd

·1313 words·7 mins
Ongoing changes at Twitter led me to take a second look at mastodon, including running my own mastodon instance. 🐘

Amateur Guide to Running

·1314 words·7 mins
Running gets me outside and gives me a challenge where I can compete against myself. Here are my tips for becoming an amateur runner. 🎽

Monitor a UPS with a Mikrotik router via SNMP

·706 words·4 mins
Mikrotik routers and switches serve as efficient network devices, but they know other tricks, too. Monitor your UPS with a Mikrotik device and query it via SNMP. 🔌

Build a Tailscale exit node with firewalld

·792 words·4 mins
Tailscale exit nodes allow you to route your traffic through nearly any system in your tailnet. Learn how to build an exit node using firewalld. 🕳️

Strong impacts require soft skills

·814 words·4 mins
Success at work depends on more than your technical ability. Improve your soft skills to increase your impact. 💪

How I write blog posts

·744 words·4 mins
This feels very meta, but I thought it would be a good idea to share my blog post writing process anyway. 📝

Takeaways from The Obesity Code

·1511 words·8 mins
This book teaches you more than dieting – it changes how you think about food entirely. 🍽

Migrating from vscode to vim

·917 words·5 mins
Some people say I just enjoy the sound of my mechanical keyboard too much. 🤭 I see it as a simpler, more consistent workflow.

Use GNOME Keyring with Sway

·1064 words·5 mins
Add encrypted ssh keys to your workflow more efficiently with gnome-keyring in the sway window manager.

Raise the bar with an SBAR

·1467 words·7 mins
Efficiently communicate a problem and your recommendation in record time with an SBAR. 📝

Install ThinkOrSwim on Fedora Linux

·642 words·4 mins
Learn how to install TD Ameritrade’s ThinkOrSwim desktop application on Linux and get everything working. 💸

Disable HiDPI in alacritty

·459 words·3 mins
The alacritty terminal on Fedora enables HiDPI mode by default. Break out your magnifying glasses as we disable HiDPI. 👓


Kerberos logins with Brave on Linux

·563 words·3 mins
Brave recently changed how their browser reads managed policy configuration, but luckily the fix is an easy one. 🔧

My Twitter reset

·1019 words·5 mins
At first I thought Twitter was the problem, but then I realized I was making poor choices. 🤔

Secure Tailscale networks with firewalld

·648 words·4 mins
Tailscale provides a handy private network mesh across multiple devices but it needs security just like any other network. 🕵

ThinkPad X1 Nano Gen 1 Review

·1216 words·6 mins
One of the smallest ThinkPads delivers one of the best experiences I’ve had on a laptop. 💻

Backlight control with i3

·298 words·2 mins
Adjust the LED backlight on your laptop quickly in i3 on Linux. 💡

My summer 2021 reading list

·1712 words·9 mins
I set out to read a bunch of books this summer and succeeded! Here’s my reading list. 📚

Tray icons in i3

·396 words·2 mins
Get your system tray looking great and displayed on the correct monitor with a simple script and some i3 configuration. 📥

Persuasion engineering

·2360 words·12 mins
Improve your persuasive skills to get your team on board with solutions to tough problems. 🤔

Efficient emojis with rofimoji

·407 words·2 mins
Emojis brighten up any message or document. 🌻 Search, select, and use emojis quickly on Linux with rofimoji. 🤗

Free resources for the stock market

·1004 words·5 mins
Investing in stock or trading options is complicated, but there are plenty of free resources available to make research easier.

Selling options made simpler

·1173 words·6 mins
Feedback from my original options selling post said that the concept was too difficult to follow. Let’s use an analogy!

Defending losing options trades

·1237 words·6 mins
You did your research and made a great options trade, but now it is a losing trade. What can you do now?

Which stock broker should you use?

·2070 words·10 mins
Not all stock brokerages are the same. Think about your requirements, shop around, and read the fine print.

Choosing options to sell

·1970 words·10 mins
Taking the leap and selling your first options contract takes a lot of thought and preparation.


Know your max loss

·1439 words·7 mins
Knowing your maximum amount of loss on trade is the difference between taking a calculated risk and blowing up your account.

The Dark Side: Selling Options

·1826 words·9 mins
Selling options puts you on the other side of the options contract from buyers, but it comes with obligations.

Options trading introduction

·1705 words·9 mins
Trading options contracts feels incredibly daunting, but you can learn the terminology and make good choices in the market.

My experience with keto so far

·2027 words·10 mins
Moving to the keto lifestyle is a big change. It’s more than just a diet and I’ll share my ups and downs from my journey.

Make diacritics easy in Linux

·482 words·3 mins
Making an effort to use diacritics is always a good idea, but how can you make it easier in Linux?

My Travel Guide to Brno

·1582 words·8 mins
Brno is a beautiful city in the Czech Republic. Learn some travel tips from my experiences as an American in Brno!


Thinkpad T490 Fedora install tips

·637 words·3 mins
My new T490 with a 10th generation Intel CPU and a discrete NVIDIA MX250 has arrived! Installing Linux creates some interesting challenges.

Monitoring OpenShift cron jobs

·525 words·3 mins
Openshift (and Kubernetes) allow you to run jobs on schedule, but these jobs can fail from time to time. You can monitor them from bash!

Monitor CyberPower UPS wattage

·607 words·3 mins
Monitor the power consumption of your CyberPower UPS and display the live output in your Linux desktop’s status bar.

Customize GNOME from i3

·317 words·2 mins
All of your GNOME and gtk applications are configured in i3 with a few simple tricks.

Deploy monit in OpenShift

·1123 words·6 mins
Monit is a tried-and-true monitoring daemon that is easy to deploy. Add it to OpenShift to make monitoring even easier.

Fedora 30 on Google Compute Engine

·880 words·5 mins
Fedora 30 is a great Linux distribution for cloud platforms, but it needs a little work to perform well on Google Compute Engine.

Automatic floating windows in i3

·657 words·4 mins
The i3 window manager is a fast window manager that helps you keep all of your applications in the right place.

DevConf.CZ 2019 Recap

·693 words·4 mins
DevConf.CZ 2019 wrapped up last weekend and it was a great event packed with lots of knowledgeable speakers, an engaging hallway track, and delicious food.


Getting started with ham radio repeaters

·1216 words·6 mins
Repeaters are a great way to get into ham radio, but they can be tricky to use for new amateur radio operators. This post explains how to get started.

How to thrive at a technical conference

·1659 words·8 mins
I’m at the 2018 Red Hat Summit this week in San Francisco and I am enjoying the interactions between developers, executives, vendors, and engineers.

Takeaways from my foray into amateur radio

·1141 words·6 mins
The Overland Expo in Asheville last year was a great event, and one of my favorite sessions covered the basics about radio communications while overlanding.


Old role, new name: ansible-hardening

·164 words·1 min
The interest in the openstack-ansible-security role has taken off faster than I expected, and one piece of constant feedback I received was around the name of the role.