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My list of must-see sessions at Red Hat Summit 2016

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Red Hat Summit 2016The Red Hat Summit starts this week in San Francisco, and a few folks asked me about the sessions that they shouldn’t miss. The schedule can be overwhelming for first timers and it can be difficult at times to discern the technical sessions from the ones that are more sales-oriented.

If you’re in San Francisco, and you want to learn a bit more about using Ansible to manage OpenStack environments, come to the session that I am co-presenting with Robyn Bergeron: When flexibility met simplicity: The friendship of OpenStack and Ansible.

Confirmed good sessions #

Here’s a list of sessions that I’ve seen in the past and I still highly recommend:

Dan is also doing a lab for container security called “A practical introduction to container security” that should be really interesting if you enjoy his regular sessions.

Sessions I want to see this year #

If you want to talk OpenStack, Ansible, or Rackspace at the Summit, send me something on Twitter. Have a great time!