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supernova 2.2.0 is available

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OpenStack logo - supernovaThanks to all of the contributors that helped make a new release of supernova possible! Version 2.2.0 is available on GitHub or PyPi.

Changes #

There’s now a fix for some Pygi keyring errors that appeared on the console for some systems that use GnomeKeyring for credential storage. Thanks to dbolackrs for the fix and to gtmanfred for updating the tests.

Justin added some functionality to provide shorter listings of environment variables when you ask supernova to print all of the configurations from your .supernova file. This a big help for users with lots of environments configured on their system.

Finally, Daniel was able to get the [DEFAULT] configuration section working again. Users with lots of environments that share common configuration items can simplify their configuration files with this change.

Updating #

If you’ve already installed supernova with pip, you can get your update now:

pip install -U supernova

Builds for Fedora will be up soon.