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MySQLTuner v1.3.0

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It’s been three long years since the last MySQLTuner release but you’ll now find version 1.3.0 available on GitHub. You can get it from the git repository or via these extremely simple methods:

wget -O
wget --trust-server-names

There are a bunch of new features and fixes that you can find in the list of commits from today (2014-02-21). Some of the bigger adjustments include:

  • Basic support for MariaDB 10.x
  • A more flexible storage engine display
  • Better support for darwin, solaris, and BSD variants
  • Version checking is removed until I can find a better method
  • Fixed a divide by zero error with a key_buffer_size set to 0
  • Custom paths to mysqladmin are now supported with a command line parameter

I’d still like to convert this script over to python and make it installable from pypi. That’s a work in progress.