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More upgrades for

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The feature requests for finally pushed me over the edge and I’ve made some significant changes. Here we go:

Get around proxies on port 81

Quite a few people had issues with local proxies that filtered traffic on port 80 and delivered the wrong results for their external IP address. You can now reach the site on port 81.

Get your external IP address over HTTPS

Some users reported that defensive network infrastructure mangled all of their web traffic to the site, so I’ve enabled SSL listeners for Bear in mind that the SSL certificate is only valid for and not the other subdomains (like If you are using applications like curl to access subdomains, you’ll need to use the -k argument, like this:

$ curl
$ curl
curl: (51) SSL peer certificate or SSH remote key was not OK
$ curl -k

Local servers

The site now exists in Dallas-Fort Worth (US), Chicago (US), and Maidenhead (UK). There are many new DNS records available to use:

  • Random location:,,
  • DFW:,,
  • ORD:,,
  • UK:,,

One of the HTTP response headers should confirm which node you’re querying:

$ curl -si | grep NODE

Let me know what you think!

If you have new ideas for features, let me know. Also, be sure to tell me if something’s not working properly for you.