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Fedora 17 XVA ready to import into XenServer

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Xen LogoAfter I wrote a post about my kickstart update for Fedora 17, I asked if anyone wanted a XVA export of a working Fedora 17 instance. Without further ado, here’s the bzip2-compressed XVA file ready to be decompressed and imported into XenServer:

The kickstart used to generate the XVA can be found on GitHub. To import this virtual machine export, use XenCenter or ssh to your XenServer instance and run:

xe vm-import filename=F17.xva

The VM should try to get its network configuration via DHCP and you can log in as root with the password qwerty. It should go without saying, but you ought to change that password at your earliest opportunity. (It’s #20 on the New York Times’ list of simplest passwords.)