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Working hard on PleskHacker

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Some of you may have already noticed from my Twitter feed, but I’ve started a complete re-write of in an easier-to-use format. The old site was done in Dokuwiki, and I found that it didn’t scale too well. The new site uses WordPress, and the performance is already improving.

Another improvement to the site is that it is now hosted on Mosso. This should allow the site to handle a lot more traffic and be more redundant than the original configuration. Eventually, I’ll move this blog to Mosso┬« as well.

What is PleskHacker? It’s part of an effort to provide more detailed documentation of Plesk for system administrators. PleskHacker has documentation covering one third of the Plesk database so far. It includes definitions for each column and table, but it also shows relationships between tables so you can create your own JOIN queries with ease.