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Thanks for making RackerHacker so popular!

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After a quick review of the stats this evening, I found that this blog has made it to 500,000 sessions so far this year. Page views are just past 2.5 million! In 2007, there were over 65,000 sessions and over 427,000 million page views in 2007 as a final count.

Here’s the exact numbers as of tonight:

2008 Year to Date:

  • Sessions: 501,166
  • Pageviews: 2,506,011
  • Hits: 7,414,333
  • Bytes Transferred: 65.19GB

2007 Totals:

  • Sessions: 65,849
  • Pageviews: 427,923
  • Hits: 1,199,403
  • Bytes Transferred: 36.22GB

Thanks to everyone for making this blog so popular! It started as a simple place to stash knowledge that I’ve gained during my work as a Linux systems administrator, but it’s turned into something that helps people around the world with their daily work.

Thank you!