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Taking a short posting break

I’ll be taking a short break from posting, but I should be back underway within week!  Here’s what I’m working on during the break:

  • MySQLTuner - Thank you for all of the e-mails with suggestions, patches and complaints. The 1.0 version of MySQLTuner is in the works and I hope that it helps you get more done with your MySQL server.
  • Boxcheck - A new version of is coming and it will include more tests for you to use. Also, the tests that it already has will be more reliable. I might even throw in a little AJAX to get everyone excited.
  • PleskHacker - I’m still working on the Plesk database documentation, but this project is a lower priority than the first two.

I’m moving into a new house over the weekend, so please don’t be discouraged if you e-mail me and you don’t receive a quick response. For all of the fans of Twitter out there, you can find me on Twitter as RackerHacker.