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Proposed MySQL DBA Screencasts

After running the idea by some of my fellow technical folks, I’ve considered making an array of screencasts aimed to prepare people for the MySQL DBA exam. I haven’t decided to make them free or charge for them as of yet, but if I did charge a fee, it would be much less than getting the training from MySQL ($2,499USD in most locations).

So, I have two questions for the general techy community:

1. What tools/applications would you recommend on a Mac for making high-quality screencasts that have a professional feel?

2. Would you pay for these screencasts (if they are really good), and if so, how much would you want to spend in total to get all of the screencasts for the DBA certification?

Feel free to add comments to this post, or you’re welcome to drop me an e-mail at major at mhtx dot net. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!