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Hosting the politicians

Call me weird - but I like to know where people host their sites. When I get a link to a nice-looking site, I’ll get there and think, “Hmm, I wonder where they host.”

Part of this curiosity probably stems from being a server administrator. I’ve used seven different dedicated server providers before along with 5 different VPS providers. There’s quite a few shared hosters thrown into the mix as well. I like to know which companies that people use when they have a site that is tremendously vital to their everyday lives.

Without further ado, here’s some of the politicians’ hosters that I’ve found (in alphabetical order):

Bob Barr - Rackspace (

Hillary Clinton - Rackspace (

John Edwards - Internap (

Rudy Giuliani - Core NAP (

Mike Gravel - Media Temple (

Mike Huckabee - HostMySite (

Alan Keyes - ThePlanet (

John McCain - Smartech Corporation (

Ralph Nader - FutureQuest (

Barack Obama - Pair Networks (

Ron Paul - Rackspace (

Bill Richardson - Engine Yard (

Mitt Romney - Rackspace (