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MySQLTuner v0.8.6 is now available

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Version 0.8.6 of MySQLTuner is now available. It contains a few bug fixes and readability improvements:

Newlines are placed between the sections for increased readability

Each section now contains extra lines to set the sections apart. It makes the output a little longer, but easier to read as well.

Storage engine status color bug

Even if the -nocolor option was passed, the storage engine statuses were being shown in color.

Excluded information_schema from storage engine calculations

The information_schema database was causing extra MEMORY tables to show up in the calculations. They’re now excluded when the calculations are being made.

Shawn Ashlee has also been added as a contributor as he’s been a constant help for the project. He’s recommended implementation ideas and he has worked to create internal MySQLTuner RPM’s for use at Rackspace. Thanks, Shawn!