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MySQLTuner v0.8.5 is now available

To get the latest copy, head over to the download page! Here’s the changes from 0.8.0 to 0.8.5 for MySQLTuner:

Fixed a copy/paste bug

There was a bug in 0.8.0 that displayed “OK” in red rather than showing “!!”. It affected the informational “-” outputs as well. Thanks to Nils Breunese for pointing out that confusing bug!

Fixed a data length calculation bug with MySQL 4.0

If the script was run against MySQL 4.0 servers, it would return the Max_data_length rather than Data_length, and this was returning some horribly incorrect results for the size of tables in use with certain storage engines.

Fixed a key buffer calculation bug with MySQL 4.0

It’s not possible to ask a MySQL 4.0 server about how much of the key buffer is in use, so the functionality for MySQL 4.0 now matches 3.23 for key buffer calculations.

Added a notification for well-optimized servers

For situations where MySQLTuner can’t make any recommendations for performance increases, it actually says so now.

Version bump to 0.8.5

It’s getting close to a full 1.0 release!