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Red Hat Support EOL Dates

I spoke to a customer recently who was concerned about their Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1 server and its Red Hat support status. After some digging, I found these items on Red Hat’s security site:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (version 5)

End of Full Support: Mar 31, 2010

End of Maintenance Support: Mar 31, 2014

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (version 4)

End of Full Support: May 15, 2008

End of Maintenance Phase: Feb 29, 2012

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (version 3)

Full Support (including hardware updates): April 30, 2006

Maintenance Support: Oct 31, 2010

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (version 2.1)

Full Support (including hardware updates): Nov 30, 2004

Maintenance Support: May 31, 2009

Here’s the difference between the levels of support:

Full Support

Start Date: General Availability

End Date: 3 Years from General Availability date

Description: During the Full Support phase, new hardware support will be provided at the discretion of Red Hat via Updates, Additionally, all available and qualified errata will be applied to the Enterprise products via Updates (or as required for Security level errata.) And finally, updated ISO images will only be provided during Phase 1: Full Support.


Start Date: 3.5 years from General Availability (end of Deployment)

End Date: 7 years from General Availability

Description: During the Maintenance phase, only Security errata and select mission critical bug fixes will be released for the Enterprise products.

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