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Major Hayden

Major Hayden

A social nerd writing about everything


Horror book reviews from October 2023

··1163 words·6 mins
October brings us the Halloween holiday here in the US and I set off on an adventure into some spooky and unsettling books.

Quadlets might make me finally stop using docker-compose

··1412 words·7 mins
Sure, docker-compose is great, but could we get similar functionality using just the tools that are built into CoreOS? Can we get automatic updates, too? Yes we can!

Mounting the AWS Elastic File Store on Fedora

··1495 words·8 mins
Fedora now has the AWS Elastic File Store (EFS) mount helper available for Fedora 38 and newer releases! It chooses optimized NFS mount options for you and makes mounting and unmounting a breeze.