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Major Hayden

Major Hayden

A social nerd writing about everything


amazon-ec2-utils in Fedora

·912 words·5 mins
The amazon-ec2-utils package in Fedora makes it a bit easier to find devices in an AWS EC2 instance. 儭歹

cloud-init and dhcpcd

·461 words·3 mins
Fedora’s cloud-init package now uses dhcpcd in place of dhclient, which went end of life in 2022.

Texas Linux Fest 2024 recap

·634 words·3 mins
I gave two talks at this year’s event and ran into lots of old friends and colleagues.

Roll your own static blog analytics

·1288 words·7 mins
Static blogs are easy to serve, but so many of the free options have no analytics whatsoever. This post talks about how to serve your own blog from a container with live updating analytics