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Major Hayden

Major Hayden

A social nerd writing about everything


Connect Caddy to Porkbun

··707 words·4 mins
Caddy offers a great web and proxy server experience with minimal configuration and automated TLS certificates. Learn how to connect Caddy to Porkbun to get TLS certificates by managing your DNS records for you automatically.

Linux on the AMD ThinkPad Z13 G2

··539 words·3 mins
Now that AMD’s Zen 4 CPUs landed in lots of laptops, I picked up a ThinkPad Z13 G2 with an AMD Ryzen CPU. Did I put Linux on it? Of course I did.

Dark mode in Sway

··432 words·3 mins
Dark mode lovers rejoice! It’s possible to get (most) applications to show up in dark mode in the Sway window manager.

On diversity

··2117 words·10 mins
Diverse teams lead to great outcomes, but how we measure diversity remains a challenge. Enforcing it is even more challenging.

Horror book reviews from October 2023

··1163 words·6 mins
October brings us the Halloween holiday here in the US and I set off on an adventure into some spooky and unsettling books.