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Major Hayden

Major Hayden

A social nerd writing about everything


Jellyfin fatal player error

·469 words·3 mins
Jellyfin is a great replacement for Plex, but I ran into non-stop problems with the Android app with a fatal player error.

Redirect local ports with firewalld

·645 words·4 mins
Redirecting local ports with iptables directly isn’t too difficult, but can we use firewalld to get the same result? 妤

amazon-ec2-utils in Fedora

·912 words·5 mins
The amazon-ec2-utils package in Fedora makes it a bit easier to find devices in an AWS EC2 instance. 儭歹

cloud-init and dhcpcd

·461 words·3 mins
Fedora’s cloud-init package now uses dhcpcd in place of dhclient, which went end of life in 2022.